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Domino’s Pizza Aruba

TA DOMINOOOSSSSS!!! I think we’ve all heard those words on the radio or on social media, reminding us that we know where to get the best deals on an amazing pizza in Aruba.
What you may not know is that Domino’s is not out here serving any ordinary piess! These pizza’s are part of a history of innovation in the food industry and the innovation hasn’t stopped since the very beginning when Domino’s was the first to offer free pizza-delivery back in the 70’s.

Now our locals already know, when they are looking for a good deal on a delicious pizza, Domino’s has got it covered. You can always find a special coupon on their website or in the app for a great combo-deal or promotion, so if you’re on a budget they’ve got your back.
What you may NOT know is that pizza and wings are not the only flavors Domino’s is into these days. A lot has changed since the 70’s friends, especially the menu.

Besides the traditional pizza styles like cheese, pepperoni and the Aruban favorite: BBQ chicken, new varieties of pizza have popped up on the menu. Like the Chicken Taco pizza and the Cheeseburger pizza. Both straying from the traditional marinara sauce-base, creating an authentic flavor that somehow still resembles pizza. And while chicken wings have become a staple of the traditional pizza order, now you can choose a specialty chicken dish, like the “Crispy bacon & Tomato” Specialty Chicken, crispy battered chicken in a garlic-parmesan sauce, smothered in cheese, bacon and fresh tomato. Good enough for you to lick your fingers.

And what’s a great meal without dessert? Domino’s offers a couple of unexpected options like the Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake, with a decadent mix of crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside chocolate you will love. Or you can try the Marbled Cookie Brownie, this baby tastes just as sexy as the name implies. If you like a more traditional dessert, the Cinnamon-sugar covered CinnaStix, reminiscent of the churro, will satisfy any sweet-tooth.

Domino’s has been innovating since the 70’s and shows no signs of stopping. You can count on updated flavors for those moments you just wanna try something new. You can order online at or on their app, and PRO-TIP: indulge your inner secret-spy by watching the real-time updates when your pizza goes from prep to oven to delivery car, all available online.

Call our Antraco Mall location at Telephone +297-583-0333
Due to covid-restrictions, please check Domino’s Aruba on Facebook for updated opening hours.
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