The Wineroom - Antraco Plaza Aruba

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Tue – Sat , from 6:00 PM till 11:00 PM – Sun, from 4:00 PM till 9:00 PM

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The Wine Room Aruba – Antraco Plaza

“Escape the usual crowd, and step into a new wine journey”.

Opened in June 2012 as a consultancy bureau and training room, The Wine Room quickly benefited from small tastings from time to time. After opening ArubaWine Facebook page, The Wine Room was born very naturally & spontaneous, since the little charming room attracted many wine aficionados more tastings had to be organized and soon started opening every weekends, and out of demand also open on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. The Wine Room started to gain popularity among the local wine lovers and quickly were enchanted and fascinated by the charming candles and rustic ambiance setting. The accompanying lounge beats adds to this extraordinary wine experience. Furthermore wine rack number one, was the first step to create the Wine Wall, located at the right side and soon, after many tasting we invested in more wine racks, and after about a 1 year we have completed the Wine Wall project. Now The Wine Room is on TripAdvisor and wish to provide a memorable wine tasting experience for all tourists who wants to learn or appreciates wine, it’s just a must go place! “Escape the usual crowd and step into a new wine journey”