Open hours:

Daily, from 3:00 PM till 11:00 PM (Mondays closed)

Contact information:

+297 5930732


Sfumato Cigar Lounge

A moment to yourself, it seems like a dream for the busy, professional man. Every day you go out into the world and do whatever it takes to provide and stay on top of your game. And when you work that hard, you deserve some time to yourself. That’s where Sfumato comes in.

Enter the home of superior quality, hand-rolled cigars and your preferred reserve whiskeys to pair. Sfumato knows that the nature of going out and relaxing have changed with this pandemic, and have enhanced safety and hygiene standards to keep you healthy while you enjoy some well deserved relaxation with a cigar in hand. Besides excellent safety measures, once you step inside you know you’ve reached a place where you can slow down and really take the time to fully experience your selected cigar. Sfumato’s high-quality air purification system maintains the air clear so you can count on tasting your favorite notes from your cigar and drink pairing.

For those of us who prefer to mingle outdoors, the private patio has been newly updated, with expanded seating and not-too-bright lighting, allowing for a night out alfresco with a top-notch stogie. If you ask us, there’s only one thing that could improve a moment to prepare and enjoy a premium cigar and that’s the right drink pairing.

We know the importance of selecting the right beverage to compliment a special cigar. This is why we are nit-picky about the spirits we serve at our premium bar. We carry only the highest quality spirits and our staff are prepared to recommend the best flavor pairings of spirits and cigars to enhance your evening at Sfumato.

If you’re craving some time away from the tourist-trap energy near the high-rises, you can be sure that a night downtown at Sfumato will be a welcome break. Walk on in, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.