Antraco Business Solutions: Furniture

Antraco Business Solutions: Furniture

Antraco Business Solutions: Furniture

The 21st century has transformed the way that global workplaces function. Nowadays, everything is about innovation, collaboration and a creative environment to get your genius on. Take three minutes to learn how we can help you transform your space from A to Z; modern, unique, sleek and agile.

As the global market leader for Flooring and Movement Systems, Forbo plays a vital role during our everyday life. Forbo furniture fosters creativity and communication which are often essential in office environments, including but not limited to meeting rooms or the office space itself. The line focuses on ensuring a pleasant and productive environment that help inspire those who are part of any team.

Automation and efficiency are vital elements in the success of any production operation. The quality criteria for this industry. Their top-notch services assure leading companies around the world that they can rely on our expertise as their brand of choice. At Antraco Business Solutions, our qualified experts can guide you through everything that our brand has to offer. 

About Office
This brand focuses solely on crafting functional office furniture collections with a superlative design and made from premium innovative materials and taking Italian workmanship to the next level in a quest to combine character, tradition and originality – these are the fundamentals of About Office’s philosophy.

We offer a diverse array of designs for the work environment, whether it be an executive office, operational center, meeting room, storage area, reception hall or call center. ‘About Office’ collections have been designed to fit into any kind of setting and stand apart for their high-end functional design. We can honestly attest that these ready-made creations meet all requirements in terms of modularity, ergonomics and quality.

Antraco Business Solutions experts can promptly meet any requests for custom solutions: materials, finishes and sizes can be adapted to your needs so that your furnished environment has a special feel to it, earning this brand a reputation globally.

FURNIKO furniture delivers products of the highest quality and modern design, environmentally friendly, ergonomic and innovative that will satisfy demands of our customers. The ideology of the brand is a holistic solution designed to enhance and shape modern office spaces. FURNIKO is up to date with the ever-changing trends in modern offices and they develop their products in terms of functionality, design, ergonomics and acoustics.

The vision of this brand is to build long-term, partnership relations with customers on a global scale by continuously improving production processes to provide their customers with highest quality furniture and services. The affinity and experience that this professional brand provides is a combination of perfect quality and promptness of all the client’s needs, regardless of their complexity.

At Antraco Business Solution, we take pride in assuring our clients that delivery and execution of all products will be predated by a detailed analysis of their needs. Fulfilling different tasks and desires for many years has provided us with the necessary experience that we can rely on while undertaking larger and more complex projects.

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