Purely Green: A Game Changer for Your Health

Purely Green: A Game Changer for Your Health

Purely Green: A Game Changer for Your Health

Purely Green, a health food restaurant, has completely changed the image and appreciation of having healthy meals with fresh ingredients at your disposal. Known for a distinctive culinary style of ‘celebrating vegetables,’ Purely Green offers a menu with diverse options that are dedicated to a more active and healthy lifestyle, balancing deliciousness and nutrients all in one.

Growing consciousness for health and wellness has been driving rapid changes in the food business. Health-oriented food primarily includes fresh, natural, additive-free, and sustainably produced food. It is important to understand that healthy eating is not only about being in good physical condition. For many, health is a lifestyle choice and expression of their individual identity.

Purely Green has been able to meet the current market’s needs by offering a variety of bowls, salads, wraps, soups and much more. Their famous OMG bowl with sizzling salmon or their SHROOMY ASADA with fresh mushrooms are among the favorites.

For those who like to keep it light, Purely Green also has makes their daily soup with fresh ingredients, as well as a deliciously cheesy quesadilla.

For vegetarians and vegans, Purely Green has many mouthwatering options to choose from such as the VEGAN SPICY PESTO, WILD BOWL, and the protein packed PURELYGREEN KALE. Even on your cheat day, Purely Green has got you covered with their VEGGIE BURGER and sweet potato fries.

So, please do not waste any more time and come by today to enjoy one of these unique meals with fresh juices and lemonade made from scratch each day. Purely Green is located at Antraco Plaza and is open from Monday to Saturday 11.30 AM – 2.00 P.M and take calls for delivery from 8am to 10am. We also offer weekly and monthly meal plans customized to your specific needs.

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